our story

It all started with two best friends at Brown University who shared the same desire to make an impact. During a late night conversation about inequality in Vietnam, Linh and her co-founder decided to visit one of the country’s most fertile but underdeveloped regions. Little did both know that this would be the best accidental decision ever.

During our stay with the Ede ethnic minority in the summer of 2013, our host mother showed them a Gac fruit grown in her backyard - calling it 'the fruit from heaven'. She told us about Gac fruit's healing power, its usage in Vietnamese traditional medicine, and how she incorporate it into their daily meal as a Vitamin A source for the children.

Intrigued by the fruit, we started experimenting with it in the kitchen. Three fellowship awards and countless trips to the bathroom later, XOI was founded in late 2016 to empower Vietnamese farmers, while sharing the Gac fruit’s nutritional benefits and the first-ever line of Skincare Beverage with the world.

Currently solely run by Linh, XOI is proud to make an impact everyday in challenging the way business is done in Vietnam, shifting the conversation from outside beauty to Beauty From Within, and empowering women everywhere with XOI’s products and mission.

gac fruit farmer
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Ethnic minorities make up 14% of Vietnam’s population, but 68% of the ‘Extremely Poor”. This statistic angered us. It didn’t seem right that our host mother lived in poverty despite working so hard to become a producer for global markets.

XOI connects minority farmers directly to US customers. We engage farmers like our host mother in the cultivation and processing of the Gac fruit to ensure that they receive a fair share of profits in a sustainable supply chain. We hope you will join us in supporting and empowering the community that made this all possible!