We offer catering service of our Gac Fruit Skincare Beverage to skincare spas, health clubs, and offices in the New England area. Treat your clients/ employees/ customers to the healthiest small-batch skincare drink in Boston. 

Gac Fruit Skincare Drink Ginger Rosemary Pear

Skin-Healthy Ingredients

In addition to our core line, we offer unique and fun flavor combinations to catering clients, including but not limited to other skin-healthy ingredients such as Organic Rose Water and Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal. These flavors are crafted at each client's request/need and are not currently available in grocery stores.

Catering-friendly pricing

We offer bulk pricing option for any catering request. Our friendly prices allow you to treat your clients/ employees/ offices with fresh, high-quality, and healthy beverages with no compromise. Please email us with your need for a price quote. 

Email us at or fill in the form below to put in a catering request.

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free onsite delivery

All catered products will be delivered to your spas, clubs, and offices for free of charge on the agreed date.