5 First Steps to Start a Healthy Life

Want to be healthy but don’t know how? Here are five quick tips on how to live a healthy life.

1. Exercise

While getting sweating isn’t always the most fun experience, it is an important way to stay healthy. So, try to exercise at least thirty minutes a day. Any form of exercise helps even if it’s just a short jog around the neighborhood. However, don’t be afraid to get fun with it! For example, while watching your favorite tv show make a list. For example, every time a character says their catchphrase you do five pushups. Check out these Fun TV Show Workout Plans  to incorporate some sweating time into your busy schedule. 

2. Eat healthy foods and drinks

Make sure to eat and drink healthy! Foods and drinks give you body important nourishment to be functional. Therefore, avoid junk food and things like soda! Instead try having a salad along with one of our delicious XOI Gac Drink, which not only tastes good but also helps boost your skin hydration, get a healthy glow from the inside out, and smoothen up those worry-signs on your skin. There's a reason why Gac fruit is an ancient natural beauty secret in Vietnamese herbal medicine for thousands of years. 


 / Photo by  Just For Hearts /

/ Photo by Just For Hearts/


3. Sleep!

Getting enough sleep is very important! Try to get around six to eight hours a night. Sleep will keep your body energized and happy. With an alert and rested body, the rest of your day will automatically seem so much brighter. That light jog will be much easier as will the rest of the day.

It is also super important to make your sleeping area comfortable as well. We are currently uping the sleeping game with some nice aroma essential oil (peppermint and cedar wood, specifically), and it has been helping us calmer, more relaxed, and get deeper sleep. 

4. Create a Goal

If you’re struggling to live a healthy life and you keep failing, then set a goal. Goals help people accomplish tasks because it’s easier to accomplish something when you know what you want to go for. Start with small goals and once you accomplish some, then go larger. For example, start off with getting up early to have a healthy breakfast and a light jog.

5. Treat Yourself

Being healthy won’t be possible unless you’re happy. Therefore, treat yourself every once in awhile or try creating dishes that incorporate what you want, but are a healthier option. You can start out with some Food Hero recipes. They are easy to follow and maybe you can even impress your significant other with a special, healthy, homemade meal. 

That is all from us for you. We personally started these habits with baby steps and have seen positive results. Not only that our skin and glow have improved, but also our mental health, ability to focus, and productivity have really enhanced. Share with us in the comments what your most favorite healthy habit is. 

By Elizabeth Pelletier

Linh VP Tran