5 Great Foods for Healthy Skin

Look at yourself in the mirror. Covering your face and the rest of your body is a fascinating organ which everyone knows as skin. Just like any other organ, the skin requires certain nutrients to stay healthy. These include beta-carotene and different vitamins like vitamin C. So what are some great foods for healthy skin?

Gac Fruit 

This Gac fruit otherwise known as the fruit from heaven works wonders for your skin. One of the best fruits for skin care, the tiny wonder has spectacularly high amounts of beta-carotene and lycopene. Both of these are fantastic promoters of skin health creating, beautiful, flawless skin.     

 Photo by XOI, Inc.

Photo by XOI, Inc.


This great little red plant is high in many things, but none more important for skin than the vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lycopene. Although lower in lycopene than the Gac fruit, eating tomatoes are still an excellent way to achieve healthy skin.

 Photo by https://fthmb.tqn.com

Photo by https://fthmb.tqn.com


It's a little wonder why kale is everywhere these day when one realizes what it contains. This awesome leafy green has not only vitamin A, but also vitamins C and K. These vitamins reduce dark circles, wrinkles, and keep your face looking wonderful and clear.

 Photo by https://fthmb.tqn.com

Photo by https://fthmb.tqn.com


Not only rich in vitamin A, kiwis also have a great amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a highly important vitamin for skin care as it fights against free radicals. However, to understand why that is important, one first has to understand what a free radical is. Free radicals, created by things like the sun and pollution, damage the skin. Therefore the kiwis are so important because the vitamin E inside helps to fight those nasty free radicals away.

 Photo by https://financialtribune.com

Photo by https://financialtribune.com


Just like most of the fruits and vegetables on this list, carrots are high in beta-carotene and vitamin A. These factor wonderfully together to create a beautiful healthy glow.  

 Photo by http://dingo.care2.com/

Photo by http://dingo.care2.com/

While these are only a few fruits and vegetables, they are a great way to start eating and drinking for healthy skin as these work fantastically in meals, smoothies, salads, and other dishes or drinks. By eating these five fruits and vegtables you are on your way to continue looking beautiful with your healty skin. 


By Elizabeth Pelletier


Elizabeth Pelletiergac fruit
The Amazing Gac Fruit

    There are many types of fruit in the world. In fact, there are so many that no one knows the exact number. To put this into perspective, apples alone have about 7,500 different types. So, would it surprise you to know that you might not even know the name of one of the most fascinating fruits in the world?
    Therefore let me introduce you to the beauty that is the Gac Fruit.

Gac fruit natural skin care

Image by: Sirikornt

    While it is most commonly known as the Gac fruit, other names include the baby jackfruit, or the sweet gourd. This wonderful fruit is covered with protruding spikes and is a joyfully bright orange. Even though the outer shell is inedible, this southeast Asian fruit is still contains more than adequate healthy benefits.

    One amazing asset of gac fruit is that they are famously high in beta-carotene and lycopene. Astoundingly, gac fruit contains 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes, which are known for having massive amounts of lycopene. Interestingly they also have 10 times more beta-carotene than carrots and just as tomatoes are known for having large amounts of lycopene, carrots are known for their beta-carotene. Besides those fascinating statistics, the marvelous fruit also has major health benefits. A major effect of beta-carotene would include the improvement of skin. Thus anyone who wants beautiful skin, could definitely start achieving this by eating gac fruit, which is mellow in taste. An alternative solution would be having gac fruit in juice form or in food. Furthermore, lycopene prevents heart disease! Hence it’s no wonder that in some areas of Vietnam people call this the fruit from heaven as it not only improves skin health but heart health too! Besides these benefits, chemicals in the fruit have been known to combat cancer, control cholesterol, prevent heart disease, improve eyesight, slow aging, and much more.
    Not only does this fruit have numerous health benefits, it also has an interesting history and place in Asian culture. This gorgeous little fruit was first found in Vietnam and later in other parts of Asia to quickly become very useful in medicines. For instance, it has been in use in China for over 1,000 years in the traditional medicine of mubiezi. To continue, gac fruit is also used in many traditional celebratory food dishes like xoi gac.

 Image by: Boriville 

Image by: Boriville 

    As seen in the picture, this delicious looking dish is made with gac seeds and sticky rice and is used mainly in the Tet holiday. Xoi gac is also served with chicken. However it is the what makes it a favorite among people is its red color, which symbolizes luck. Without a doubt, this superb fruit is a wonder of nature!

By Elizabeth Pelletier


Elizabeth Pelletiergac fruit
5 First Steps to Start a Healthy Life

Want to be healthy but don’t know how? Here are five quick tips on how to live a healthy life.

1. Exercise

While getting sweating isn’t always the most fun experience, it is an important way to stay healthy. So, try to exercise at least thirty minutes a day. Any form of exercise helps even if it’s just a short jog around the neighborhood. However, don’t be afraid to get fun with it! For example, while watching your favorite tv show make a list. For example, every time a character says their catchphrase you do five pushups. Check out these Fun TV Show Workout Plans  to incorporate some sweating time into your busy schedule. 

2. Eat healthy foods and drinks

Make sure to eat and drink healthy! Foods and drinks give you body important nourishment to be functional. Therefore, avoid junk food and things like soda! Instead try having a salad along with one of our delicious XOI Gac Drink, which not only tastes good but also helps boost your skin hydration, get a healthy glow from the inside out, and smoothen up those worry-signs on your skin. There's a reason why Gac fruit is an ancient natural beauty secret in Vietnamese herbal medicine for thousands of years. 


 / Photo by  Just For Hearts /

/ Photo by Just For Hearts/


3. Sleep!

Getting enough sleep is very important! Try to get around six to eight hours a night. Sleep will keep your body energized and happy. With an alert and rested body, the rest of your day will automatically seem so much brighter. That light jog will be much easier as will the rest of the day.

It is also super important to make your sleeping area comfortable as well. We are currently uping the sleeping game with some nice aroma essential oil (peppermint and cedar wood, specifically), and it has been helping us calmer, more relaxed, and get deeper sleep. 

4. Create a Goal

If you’re struggling to live a healthy life and you keep failing, then set a goal. Goals help people accomplish tasks because it’s easier to accomplish something when you know what you want to go for. Start with small goals and once you accomplish some, then go larger. For example, start off with getting up early to have a healthy breakfast and a light jog.

5. Treat Yourself

Being healthy won’t be possible unless you’re happy. Therefore, treat yourself every once in awhile or try creating dishes that incorporate what you want, but are a healthier option. You can start out with some Food Hero recipes. They are easy to follow and maybe you can even impress your significant other with a special, healthy, homemade meal. 

That is all from us for you. We personally started these habits with baby steps and have seen positive results. Not only that our skin and glow have improved, but also our mental health, ability to focus, and productivity have really enhanced. Share with us in the comments what your most favorite healthy habit is. 

By Elizabeth Pelletier

Linh VP Tran
Why do we insist that you 'drink' lycopene?

Lycopene might be the most powerful protective agent for your body, both inside and outside. This carotenoid is famous to be found in a lot of red-color fruit and vegetables. Tomato is usually the first fruit (yes, it is a fruit!) that people think of when they think about lycopene.

We have compiled a good summary of how lycopene benefits your skin and body. It is a unique carotenoid and is not as easy to find, yet so powerful and

1. It protects your skin from UV-rays damages

...and it protects your skin from the inside. How amazing is that? In a published study in the Journal of Nutrition, German and Dutch researchers found that diets rich in tomato paste dramatically reduce UV-induced skin damage. More detail on how the study was conducted can be found here.

Basically, the scientists group found out that those who consumed more lycopene in their daily diet throughout a period of 10 weeks had 40% less UV-induced skin damage than those who did not.

What does that mean? It means that lycopene level absorbed in their skin cells offered a protective benefit against the UV radiation to minimize skin damage. We all know that UV radiation creates free radicals in the skin cells, which essentially lead to skin cancer, wrinkles, and aging dots on the skin. Thus, a daily consumption of lycopene in your diet could help prevent such damage.

Another study at Tufts University also found out that lycopene levels are depleted much more than those of other carotenoids in UV-damaged skin when compared to adjacent undamaged skin. In other words, lycopene is sacrificed to protect the skin when UV radiation impacts skin. In other words, lycopene is your beauty guardian warrior in this case. 

With XOI Skin Care Beverage, you get more than 8000 IU of lycopene in each 12oz bottle. (One common lycopene supplement capsule contains about 5000 IU). What's more, Gac fruit naturally contains a high amount of essential fatty acids (i.e. omega 3, 6, 9) that helps make lycopene, and any other micro-nutrient really, absorb to your skin and body more effectively. This combination of natural lycopene fatty acids in Gac fruit makes XOI a skin care drink, having benefits to skin hydration, boosting natural sun care, and healing external damages. 

2. Lycopene is strongly associated with healthier prostate, heart, and immunity

Lycopene is a potent carotenoid. Many studies have shown that high lycopene intake may have association to a lower risk of stroke, certain types of cardio vascular diseases, and immunity deterioration.

Essentially, lycopene fights the bad free radicals in all sorts of places in you body. When you consume a lycopene-rich food, lycopene is carried in the blood to your heart, organs, and even to your skin. It is a good all-around champion that should be included in your daily diet.

This is just a quick run-down on some of the health benefits that lycopene has, based on a lot of scientific studies all over the world. In our regular blog, we won't go too deep into boring scientific facts. We will, however, quote important studies once in a while so you can explore and understand more about your food/ our product.