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true beauty begins from within

explore how gac fruit benefits your skin   

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Our story

In the summer of 2013, we went to the Central Highlands of Vietnam with curiosity and a 21-year-old passion to discover the world. Little did we know the trip changed our lives. While living with a group of Ede ethnic minority farmers in Dak Lak, Vietnam, we were introduced to Gac Fruit. Referred to as 'the fruit from heaven' by local Vietnamese, it has been used in traditional Vietnamese medicine for thousands of years for skin healing, treating injuries, and vitamin supplements. Inspired by the determination of the Vietnamese farmers to bring this magical fruit to the world, in 2015, we founded XOI to fulfill their mission. 

XOI stands for the blessing of health and wellness in Vietnamese. This is the mission that we determine to cater through our lines of Gac fruit products.



we want to revolutionize beauty routine, emphasize trueness from within, & create a positive impact on our suppliers