Introducing: The Gac Superfruit

Anti-Aging & Skin

Prevents the rusting of skin cells for younger and healthier skin
Rebuilding of collagen

Stimulates healing of wounds and burns

Heart Health

Fights the hardening and narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis).  Wider arteries help facilitate blood flow and lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack from overworking.

Reproductive Health

Prevents the enlargement of the prostate (BHP)
Aids in sperm production
Fetal development

Eyes & Immunity

Protects eye tissue against UV rays and oxidation
Promotes night vision and reduces risk of blindness
Prevents dry eyes,
 cataracts and age-related macular degeneration
Aids in the healthy development of white blood cells (lymphocytes)


Inside Every Bottle:

Lycopene = 8470 ug

Vitamin A = 2357 IU
Zeaxanthin = 57 ug
Omega 3 = 2.8 mg
Omega 6 = 164 mg
Omega 9 = 401 mg
Potassium = 25mg

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Traditional Uses

The Vietnamese Gac fruit is traditionally used in ‘xoi gac’, a red glutinous rice dish eaten at weddings and celebrations for good health, vitality and happiness. In Chinese medicine, the fruit is also used to treat wounds, eyes and skin problems.

During our stay with the Ede ethnic minority, our host mother told us that the Gac fruit has been used as a natural supplement for centuries. A recent scientific study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition validated this practice by demonstrating the Gac fruit’s ability to reduce vitamin A deficiency among children in rural Vietnam.

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